Building Together, Sharing Values.

We’re thankful for the support of these amazing companies that align with our vision and values. Learn more about them and the meaningful work they do.



Our university, which supports and spurs us on to do our best.

PIC4SeR is an environment where tools and skills synthesize the characteristics of different robotic application scenarios and their innovative solutions.



MAG, Mecaer Aviation Group, is a leading international provider of solutions for Aircraft Systems and Services in the Helicopter, Business Aviation and General Aviation markets,

TXT is an Ecosystem of excellences leveraging on synergies. They support their customers in understanding the business paradigm that the new digital world requires, enabling digital innovation.

Jirama is an innovative start-up that studies and offers tailor-made 3D services and solutions.

Keymakr responds to the need for high quality and affordable training data for computer vision-based AI. Their service is secure, affordable and superior with 3 layers of human quality verification, combined with a final layer of auto quality control scripts.