We’re Team RoboTO, a dedicated group of engineering students: innovators united by a passion for robotics and technology. We thrive on teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving, aiming to push the boundaries in robotics and technological advancement.



Pushing the boundaries of robotic engineering to create versatile and agile solutions for real-world challenges.


Cultivating an environment where diverse skills – from mechanics to software – come together to achieve unparalleled success.


Committed to continuous improvement in all facets, from design and performance to strategy and execution.


Crafting sophisticated robots designed for high-stakes competitions and real-world applications. From concept to CAD to construction, it’s a one-stop-shop for all things hardware.

If you have a knack for design, material science, or 3D printing, this is where you belong.

The backbone of hardware-software interaction, focusing on hardware, seamless communication and data integrity. We handle everything from electronics components to sensors and communication protocols.

If you’re keen on bridging the gap between mechanical design and software functionality through electrical engineering and real-time systems, this is your arena.

Specializing in advanced algorithms that bring our robots to life. Real-time control and way more. From controller and ad-hoc heuristics design up to code implementation.

If you’re excited by dynamic systems control techniques, this is your playground.

Implementing advanced machine learning algorithms to elevate our robots’ decision-making and adaptability. From neural networks to computer vision and autonomous navigation, help us build the brain of the robot.

If you’re passionate about tackling engineering challenges in machine learning, computer vision, and data science, this is where you’ll thrive.

New this year! Focuses on testing robots in various environments, defining battle strategies, and training pilots for competitions.

If you love FPS video games and always wondered how to bring that strategic thinking into the real world, this is your arena.

Managing sponsorships, social media and team logistics. Make a real-world impact by handling the business side of robotics.

If you’re someone who enjoys networking, resource management, social media and making real-world impacts beyond the code and circuits, this group perfectly fits your ambitions.